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Quality Assurance (ISO9001:2008)


We have been writing and giving consultation on Quality Systems and Environmental systems since 1996. We can offer the simplest of assessment and surveillance assistance to writing and managing your new Quality Management System.

We currently work for our clients alongside various UKAS accreditation bodies such as Avalon Certification, Intertek NQA, BSI, ISOQAR etc.

We maintain systems in various industries including construction, painting and decorating,  security, industrial, manufacturing, importing, maintenance etc.

We have a proud and enviable 100% record of "first time" certification for new companies and give continued assistance whenever necessary after the initial assessment.



Environmental Management (ISO14001:2004)

In today's modern "green" climate companies working for, or tendering for work with local authorities and larger multi-nationals are increasingly being asked about their "Environmental Policy".
Whereas a few years ago a simple policy statement sufficed, today tenders ask for proof you can identify aspects of your business that impact on the environment and understand those environmental laws that are relevant to your situation.

The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact; with the commitment of your entire organisation,. It can enable you to achieve both objectives.

We can assist companies in any or all of the following:

General requirements
Policies & Procedures
Planning implementation and operation
Checking and corrective action
Management review
Internal Audits
(Formerly CW Safety Management)